Read a summary of weird crime news across the state of Florida. Sources include arrest reports from law enforcement departments such as city police, police departments, the US Attorney’s Office and more. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Naked Woman in Lake City Arrested After Breaking Into Home

Haley Ann Nicole Blunt, 24, of Lake City, was arrested after police said they arrived in response of a report of a residential break in. According to Lake City Police Department’s press release, the victim called 911 and was on the phone
with officers when the suspect went to a window near the front door, broke the
window and entered the residence. The victim observed officers arriving and left the residence to meet responding officers in the yard.

Officers discovered Bult naked and bleeding from an injury she apparently sustained while breaking a window to enter the residence.

After Blunt was taken into custody, emergency responders transported her to a local hospital for care of her wounds. Once released from the hospital, Blunt was transported to the Columbia County Detention Center without further incident.
Police discovered two of Blunt’s children without adult supervision in a nearby residence. They were found inside the residence safe and later turned over to a family member.

Man on Tractor Causes Havoc Key West

Ethan Robert Layne, 22, was apprehended by police in the Florida Keys after a standoff involving a tractor striking a police patrol car.

According to the Key West Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Ethan Robert Layne was damaging cars and a building at the college’s Lagoon Landing dorm at 5891 College Road.

“The suspect from Saturday’s incident involving a tractor and an officer-involved shooting has been identified as Ethan Robert Layne, 22,” Key West Police Department said in an official statement. “He is being held at the Monroe County Detention Center on a preliminary charge of attempted homicide of a police officer. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are forthcoming.
Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a report of an individual damaging property with a tractor at the College of the Florida Keys. Police encountered the tractor on College Road. The suspect rammed the occupied police car with the tractor. Shots were fired by the Key West Police. The suspect was taken into custody and there were no injuries.”

Palm Bay Man Accused of Pulling Gun on Kids Fishing on Property

Kyle Tate, 56, of Palm Bay, was arrested on felony charges of criminal mischief and grand theft after an incident where Tate is accused of brandishing a firearm during a conversation with children who were fishing on his property. Tate lives at  Stillwater Lakes subdivision, where he reportedly serves as president of the community’s Homeowners Association.

Officers said the children were fishing on the south side of the subdivision’s lake, which belongs to the HOA and not Tate.

Online flirting ends in attempted murder charge for Florida Woman

Crystal Lynn Skiba was arrested after allegations that she fired a gun at a man who was fleeing her home. Further investigation led to charges of child neglect due to filthy living conditions. According to an arrest report from law enforcement officials in Hardee County, Skiba arranged a meeting with a man she had met online while discussing his role in producing an amateur horror movie. Skiba had other arrests on record, including violation of probation in 2023.

According to the victim’s testimony of how the events unfolded, Skiba ordered her children to go into another room before taking the man into her bedroom. When they entered Skiba’s bedroom, the man said he spotted a handgun on the bed and claimed Skiba was attempting to “seduce him and get him sexually aroused.” After performing oral sex on the man, Skiba allegedly said, “You know you can’t leave without paying me, right.”

The man told investigators he tried to leave the home, but an armed Skiba attempted to block him. With his hands in the air, he pleaded to leave and walked out the door to his car. As he began walking to his car he continued to walk with his hands in the air and noted (Skiba) was attempting to ‘cock the gun.’ (Redacted) believed the handgun became ‘jammed’ and had a malfunction.

As he drove away, Skiba allegedly cursed at him and fired the handgun at his vehicle multiple times.

Skiba told authorities a different version of events. She claimed she invited the man over to “smoke out,” but kicked him out of the home after he insinuated he wanted to have sex. Skiba also claimed the alleged victim was the one to fire at her from his vehicle when he was leaving.

While searching her home, authorities found firearms, illegal drugs and paraphernalia. Deputies also noted living conditions in the home were “atrocious” with mounds of trash, rotten food, cat feces and mold throughout. The only food in the home was “spoiled or infested with roaches.”

Authorities said the two children, ages five and seven, couldn’t remember the last time they attended school. They also had severe tooth decay “with some missing that is not consistent with juvenile development.”

Skiba’s charges include second-degree attempted murder, false imprisonment and child neglect. She has pleaded not guilty.