Florida Woman with No Driver’s License Takes School Bus for Joyride, Gets Arrested

Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Leah Laplaca, 37, who was charged with driving with a suspended license and failing to register a motor vehicle after a traffic stop.

According to MCSO, the 37-year-old woman was pulled over after a deputy spotted a yellow school bus driving down E. Hwy. 40 without a license plate, according to an affidavit. When deputies stopped Laplaca, she said she had a temporary license plate but couldn’t find it. She also said she didn’t have her driver’s license on her, but a computer check revealed she doesn’t have a valid license at all. 

Laplaca, however, does have a valid ID card in Florida, deputies learned. Her license was suspended indefinitely after failing to pay several traffic violations, according to Laplaca’s driving history. 

Laplaca claimed that she didn’t know her license was suspended, but then also told deputies she was in Florida to fix her license. The school bus also came back unregistered.

“Deputy Bondank stopped a school bus (note: not a Marion County School bus) in the 15500 block of E. Hwy 40 without a license plate. Contact was made with the driver, Leah Laplaca. who stated she could not find her temporary license plate and that her driver’s license was suspended. The investigation revealed that she did not register the school bus. So, she was arrested and transported to jail.” – Marion County Sheriff’s Office.