Below is an official statement from Martin County Sheriff’s Office regarding a man who intentionally drove a car into the front entrance of Martin County Jail.

“40-year old Joseph Leedy, the driver of the vehicle that crashed through the doors of the Martin County Jail lobby last night, was charged with four counts of Aggravated Assault on a law enforcement officer and Criminal Mischief of over $1000.

After crashing through the doors, Leedy got out of the vehicle wearing a lady’s blouse and no pants and poured motor oil on the lobby floor, saying he wanted to set it on fire. He continued making homicidal statements about police officers and expressed his desire to “kill everyone” while he threw rubber snakes on the floor and fought with deputies and fire rescue personnel.

Although he made it into the lobby area causing thousands of dollars in damage, he was not able to breech the steel doors. Fortunately no one was standing in the lobby at the time of the crash.

Leedy was restrained and taken to the hospital where he continued to be uncooperative with personnel until he was taken back to the jail, booked in and charged.”

Matt McCarthy