Panama City, Florida Crime News

See the latest crime news and arrest reports from Panama City, Florida, including updates on crime statistics across Bay County in the panhandle.

    Overview of Panama City, FL Crime

    Throughout the 1990’S and well into the 21st Century, Panama City was the most well known party city for college spring break partiers. During the past decade, residents and leaders across the community have attempted to transform the city into a more family-friendly destination than the raucous atmosphere that made the area world famous.

    Panama City is located in Bay County, Florida, in the state’s panhandle. Bay County has experienced a mix of both property and violent crimes. Bay County is in the fourth quartile for this measure. This means that relative to other counties in Florida, there are less Violent Crime in about three quarters of the counties.

    In 2022, the rate per 100,000 of Violent Crime in Bay County was 297.1 compared to Florida at 150.6.

    In 2021, Bay County’s rate was down to 278.2, compared to Florida at 148.7